I have a small Monroe piercing. can i still be hired at petsmart?

So, i have a small stud monroe peircing. That's my only piercing besides my ears being pierced lol. And i'm currently looking to get a job at petsmart, once i turn 18 in may. And i want to know if they'll hire me still since it's so small or if i could put in a clear stud. Of course i haven't applied there yet due to me being 17, i did try though. But that's my targeting job at this point. Someone helps?! D:

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I work at Target, and when I started, I had my tongue pierced, and my nose pierced. While I was working there, I got my monroe. They never said anything. In places like Target, Petsmart, and other retail places, I don't think piercings are that big of a deal anymore like they used to be.

1 year ago

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yes I'm sure they will hire you I dot see why not I always see people with piercings working at a pet smart near me

by taylor - 1 year ago