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    How to calculate sales tax?

    What is the function one would do on a calculator to figure sales tax? Please - easy in a step-by-step way, Math is entire lost on me. Thanks so much.
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    Not everyone does it the same way, but here's how I do it. (Using Suffolk County/NY sales tax as an example) An item is $19.99, and sales tax is 8.625%. $19.99 + 8.625% ---> on the calculator it will say 1.724. If you hit = , it will say 21.714 --> total is $21.71 Some people do it this way: $19.99 x 0.08625 = 1.724 --> add this to the original amount of 19.99 and you'lll get $21.71.
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    • Sales tax is a percentage. If it is, for instance, 6% --- then take your calculator - put in the price of item. For instance, $19.99 - then hit the x (for times) button - then hit 6, then the % button. Then the = sign. That will give you what 6% of $19.99 is. Then add that amount to $19.99.

      by Jo - 15 hours ago

    • The equation for tax is: tax = price * rate So to get the sales tax, multiply the price times the rate on your calculator. Remember that percent means 1 / 100 so you will also need to divide the answer by 100. Let's take an example of a $2000 TV with 6% sales tax. Plug the following into the calculator: 2000 * 6 / 100 You will get $120 as your answer which is the tax. You can double check your work with a dedicated sales tax calculator like http://www.sale-tax.com/Calculator?price=2000&rate=6

      by nkron - 15 hours ago

    • your state % x the purchase price. if unsure what your state's % is, ask any retailer if the purchase price is 100 and the tax is 10%, 10% x 100 = 10 add the tax due to the produce price THE END total price would be $110.00-- you got that in the 5th grade luck to you

      by kemperk - 15 hours ago

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