Need a good business slogan?

I currently sale Scentsy products, but I'm not happy with the company and have decided to sale my own homemade items such as soaps, lotions, fresheners, wax tarts, etc. I've named it "Angelic Aromas" but now I need a catchy slogan or saying. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!

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Angelic Aromas "Heavely.aromatherpy to transcend your day"

Angelic Aromas "Heavenly aromatherapy Anytime"

Angelic Aromas "Aromatherpy for Heavenly Serenity"

Sorry usually much much better at this normally

1 year ago

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"Refresh your senses."
Only thing I came up with, but I'm proud of it. :-)

by Cyle Monroe - 1 year ago