How to ship a very expensive jewelry piece and ensure the person pays?

Someone from another country wants to buy from me a very expensive jewelry piece. I intend to ship it w/ UPS/DHL/FedEx but what is the best way to ensure he pays? Should I do an "escrow account" with an american bank? The person says he wants to guarranty that the item will arrive. Is it dangerous to give him my bank account info for a wire transfer?
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I would never, in a billion years sell jewelry online.
Some of these scammers are experts pure experts.
Surprised he has not offered you a fake cashier's check yet.

Sell to a gold dealer or broker in your town. Get 3 estimates.

1 year ago

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Dont transfer money cause they can just take it what ever they want

by Rachel - 1 year ago

Always get paid FIRST.

Paypal, bank transfer....

If you get a check or money order, hold shipping for 14 days to be sure it's not fake.

by tmorris - 1 year ago