Where is the best place online to buy my domain name & Which is the best to host my website (business)?

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I've got an online and offline business and would recommend GoDaddy for your domain. Better register your domain yourself rather than giving this chance to your hosting company.
Hosting companies like JustHost and Arvixe are quite reliable with really good customer service and that's important.
Hope it helps.

1 year ago

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There are a million places. I personally use Bluehost and have done so for 11 years now. 24/7 phone support, 99.9% uptime.... lots of free stuff with them and it's cheap.

Disclaimer while I don't work for bluehost in any way, I will get credit if you use my link above to purchase. I don't recommend them because I get something but rather because I believe in them.

Godaddy is also good I hear.

Oh, and most any good host can also handle your domain name purchase. Bluehost will pay for the name if you sign with them for a year.

by tmorris - 1 year ago

most people recommend godaddy or hostgator. I personally use godaddy. Since last 4-5 years i find them good.

by Rajasekhara Reddy - 1 year ago

Yo can get both services from the same providers like .It is a good domain registrar and a good web hosting service provider .

by Rizrak - 7 months ago