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    Is PayPal easy to use as a seller on eBay?

    I am just beginning as a seller on eBay (haven't actually listed or sold anything yet.) I'm so unsure about how PayPal and eBay work as a seller? Is it easy? What happens when someone buys your item? How does PayPal work? I've Googled to find out, but I'm not getting clear answers. It's the only thing that makes me feel unsure about selling on eBay because I don't understand it enough. Am I making it more of a big deal than it really is? Can someone please guide me in the right direction? Thanks so much!
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    Yes, it works fine -- BUT (gigantic BUT) when you sell something, make sure the payment is IN the account BEFORE you ship it. Sometimes, PayPal doesn't credit payments immediately -- they may put a "hold" on it for some reason -- and if you ship whatever you sell before that money is actually credited, you are SOL if the payment doesn't go through for some reason. PayPal basically works like a bank account -- when someone pays you, it goes into your PayPal balance and you can either spend it directly from PayPal (they have a debit card you can get for nothing) or you can have it transferred into your "real" bank account. I've both bought and sold things on eBay for at least the last 10 years and have never had a problem with PayPal.
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    • Read the help pages for ebay and paypal - they are crystal clear and there's a facility to ask questions if you are still bemused. It is a doddle, but only once you've got your head round it!

      by ! - a day ago

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