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    Work at Kay Jewelers or waitress?

    I have a few friends who work at Texas Road Housr (a steak house) and I also called O'Charleys and they said to fill out an app online and they'd set me up an interview to be a server. Okay, we'll I had my first interview at Kay Jewelers on Monday and they called me the following morning to set up a second interview for Friday (tomorrow).... I think Kay would be a very respectable job, dress nice, and whatnot but I figured it would be stressful it being retail and having to mer sales goals. Plus being a waitress would be more money but idk how much Kay starts out and you make commission. I go to school full time too. Please give me feedback!! What's it like to work at Kay/a jewelry store and what's it like to be a server? Pros and cons of each and which you think I should do? I almost wanna go since I got so far in the interviewing process but i don't know :/ THANKS
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    Avoid the waitress job. You live off your tips, have to share tips with the bartender (10%) may have to share tips with the bus boy too (another 10%) and have to declare at lest 8% of your total food/bar bill as tips. The stress dreams from waitressing don't go away fast (took me 14 years to dump them after waitressing for 7 years). And yes, you certainly DO have to pay taxes on tips. Your paycheck for hours worked will have taxes taken out of it. I worked at TGI Fridays, my 2 week paycheck would run $25 to $38 total because of it. Which is why I said you 'live off your tips'. You'll be there after hours to do final clean up, and have to come in earlier for setup (earlier yet if the bug spray guy came and sprayed for insects). Your pillow will stink of fried foods -that took a while to get used to--because your hair will hold the smell from the restaurant. Go with the retail job. The money will be better and the stress will be lower. It also looks light years better on a resume for when you move on.
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