Payroll service, accountant, book keeper. new small business?

Starting a new landscaping business. Do I really need an accountant throught out the year, a book keeper and a payroll service, or can quickbooks do it all. Just need overal summary of how to run this thing thank yoU!

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Good to hear that you are planning to start a new business. Good luck with that.

Honestly speaking, you can outsource your accounting to someone. There are several accountants that offer accounting services (both online and offline). If I were you I would outsource them because, it saves you money! This means more profit! After all, profit making is the most important objective of your new business. However, you should hire a part time accountant while starting a business to set up your accounting software, processes and so on. Once the initial setting up is done, you may consider hiring the accountant on a need basis.

Good luck!!



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