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    With this business make me rich?

    I would buy a shop. then I would charge people 150 dollars to enter the tournament. every time they lose they would have to pay 50 bucks to start again in the tournament but if they winnin be 10 people then they would win 1000 dollars? so it's 100 to start a tournament but everytime they lose they have to pay 50 dollars to get back in the tournament. like Madden black ops NBA 2k all those competition vs games so I would make my money buy them keep on trying to get in the tournament over and over and over again Sooo
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    If clent are satisfied from your business and you continue your tournament fairly, it will make you rich.
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      by --------- - 7 hours ago

    • Problem: Kids that play video games are addicted to them. Don't hold jobs. Don't have any money. Does it sound familiar? Adding this: True about being illegal. You would have to do this for charity. Only in vegas. And can I say honey too, even if im not an an adult?

      by Caren - 7 hours ago

    • I believe that is illegal, honey.

      by greenfrogs - 7 hours ago

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