Requirements for a daycare.?

I m trying to open a daycare in pembroke pines far as real estate how do i rent a place? should i rent a house or is there a place designed for a day care? do i transform it myself into a daycare. Also typically how much is rent? electricity and other costs. i am trying to have a budget and have money save for the first 3 months of business in case i don't have enough kids to cover the expenses yet.
Any help would b appreciated/ i know that i have to take a class and take an exam but anybody who can guide me would be appreciated

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Pick a good priced rent to own place so you won't lose it! Make sure there is enough rooms though, youll need an office in front of building, and you can have like a staroge room, and of course youll need more rooms for the kids in daycare, and youll need lots of supplies, for instance, at our daycare, we had the bed trampolines tht they sleep on , and they have little sleeping bags tht the prents purchase for $5 every year at begining of year igtg but hope i helped!

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