How to take business loan from the bank?

What is needed for taking a business loan from the bank? What is the minimal payment for paying back a loan if I wanted to pay little by little amounts per month for example? Do I need to pay an up front fee charge or Taxes before hand? Say if I got the amount and I needed a lot more, could I take another loan additional to it? What is the Maximum amount for a business loan. Does Bank of America do Business loans?

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Taxes, only if purchasing equipment or an item that requires tax to be paid (I.e. a vehicle in CA).

Repayment is generally amortized on a fixed term like 4 or 5 years, or on a line of credit with a set repayment percentage of borrowed funds.

Most times there is a loan fee, generally no more than $75 or 1% whichever is greater. There really is no maximum, depending on intended use. I've done loans for over a $1,000,000

You will need to provide an invoice for what you intend to purchase, or if for general purpose, accept a UCC1 lien on any available business assets. Term loans cannot be used for just anything. It is possible to get multiple loans, and it is possible to wrap multiple loans all under one loan, again depending on circumstance

Depending on the amount will change the required docs. As will your time in business and industry. I'm a business loan lender and a SBA specialist if this is something I can help you with. Feel free to email me any questions you have if I can help.

But yes BofA should have a business loan officer assigned to your local branch


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I got a small business loan ($20,000) with in 5 business days... Thank God because my bank denied me. Link to the Small Business Loan Prequalification Application: Also for more info:

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