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    Am I liable for the work i do? Cell phone repair shop?

    I'm an employee at a cell phone repair shop and recently a co-worker of mine accidently broke a customers phone. My boss had to go out and buy the customer a new phone. My boss later on that week wrote up a document with some new procedures he wants us to go through to fix phones and some similar things too. But somewhere in the middle, he wrote that," as employees, we are liable for the work we do on customers phones and therefore, if we break a customers phone, be it by accident or any other way ( I don't remember it word by word and so I'm just trying to summarize it up. it wasn't too specific either) we must pay for a customers new phone and any parts we might have damaged." They asked me to sign it but i just told them i wanted to read it over before i sign it. I get payed $9 dollars an hour and I'm a part-time employee. It doesn't make sense to me to pay the stores only losses while they make most of the profit. Is there a law against making your employees liable for the work they do?
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    Generally No, but the business owner is liable. Business owner can fire employees for stuff like that, causing losses, but you can't be sued or have to pay anything, the business indemnifies you from legal action, unless it was intentional, or you violated some operating process or legal rule. If you signed that you would replace or pay for the items, then watch out. Ask for clarification before signing. And I would refuse to sign if that's the case, get a different job.
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