What do i do after someone bids on my item on ebay?

it says payment not received "22.50".

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On auction style listings - buyers have 3 days to pay, you do not need to do anything, ebay sends the winner an invoice. On day 3 I usually send them a friendly reminder, and day 4 you can open a case in the resolution center under customer service. Also if they respond to ask for a little more time, I usually work with long as they communicate something to me - but that is up to you. You will receive an email from paypal when the payment has been made and you will also see the $ sign highlighted on your sold page, then you know it is time to ship - print your label and ship the item.
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How long ago did they win the item? Payment isn't instant when an auction ends.

Read ebay's help pages for new sellers.

by Jo W - 1 year ago