Can you see proof of revenue for a store when you are buying it from the owner?

I see many business owners selling they're stores online. Here is an example

Owner is selling bagel store for 200k and claims it makes 450k in revenue.

First can you see proof the store really brings in 450k??
Second why would someone sell a store for less than how much it makes, and why would they want to sell it in the first place?

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The only way to see proof of revenue is to make and offer through your business attorney and have your accountant review their financials. As for why they would sell...could be many reasons. They may want to retire, move to another location, open a different type of business. As for selling for less than how much it makes, there's a difference between profits and revenues. Until you look at their overhead and other financial numbers, there's no way of knowing.

1 year ago