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    I wanna get ripped in my own home! But how?

    Okay my mom doesn't have money to be signing me to some expensive gym! I wanna do this myself but I'm not healthy thoe! I'm getting skinny and what stuff should I eat so I be the healthy 16 year old boy? And what equipment do I need? For my workout?
    a year ago 2 Answers

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    You can get ripped without equipment! Do 3 sets of 10 for each of these exercises... My gym teacher can do it in 12 minutes!! Pull ups Curl ups Push ups Sit ups Lunges Side Lunges Squats Burpees Chair dip triceps (there are a lot of videos of this but most of them do it differently than my teacher (who is RIPPED!!!) You are supposed to have your legs straight and your heels on the floor. If you don't have a bar that will support your weight, you can get cheap chin up bars for $15. Eat lots of protein!!! PS: Anyone can do these exercise, but most people do them the wrong way. Doing them wrong will either not affect you at all, or cause you harm. Research/ watch videos on how to do them. Once last thing, when you do sit ups or crunches, keep your eyes on the ceiling. You want to push your body up to the ceiling, not towards the wall. When you lift up, exhale, and when you go back down, inhale. People tend to hold their breath which doesn't do anything for their abs. It's AMAZING how many people don't know how to do crunches the right way.
    2 years ago

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    • well, just eat generally healthy, lots of fruit and veg etc. im sure youve heard it all before, otherwise google. drink 8 glasses of water. you dont need equipment but if you think it will help you stay dedicated, buy something fairly cheap like dumbells. if youre really serious about fitness, and "getting ripped" wake up to situps, they are the best for abs. Do at least 30mins of cardio 3 days a week. on the other 4, vary weights, push ups, situps, crunches, dips, squats, pull ups etc. for strength training. good luck :)

      by Gemma - 8 hours ago

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