First time selling. Should I cancel the auction on ebay?

I'm selling a brand new Abercrombie leather jacket that retails for $350 on Abercrombie's website. The auction has been going for three days, and only has 17 hours left before it closes. It has 17 bids and is only at $31. It has 208 views and 37 watchers. I really don't want the jacket to go for under $150, but didn't think to use a reserve price. Since there's still time to cancel, I was wondering if I should cancel and re-list with a reserve. Will people bid at the last minute? What do you think?

Here's the auction:

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Normally I would say don't worry but the photos you provided are dark and small and show almost no detail.


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CANCEL NOW. You will be charged a fee for canceling an auction with bids.

In the future, start the bidding at the lowest price you're willing to accept.

by G - 1 year ago