what is a good name to name a ceramics business with my name?

My name is Chelsea btw. I need a name that can be a good business name with ceramics

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What about; Chelsea's Creations. Simple and creative, don't you think? lol


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Hello Chelsea,

First of all, congratulations on your new business venture! It takes a great deal of hard work and "guts" to strike out on your own with a new business.

To answer your question, the best way to name a business is not necessarily using the most cutsie or creative name one can think up -- because naming your business is actually the first step in your overall **MARKETING PLAN**. [You have one, right?] Having a marketing plan will help you greatly from the start in choosing the best name for your business -- which is one that attracts customers.

Keep in mind that a good business name can:

1. help potential "target" customers find you online...
IDEA: [...using Google's free "Adword's Tool" can help you uncover what ceramics lovers are searching for most online by showing what they are typing in related to ceramics.]

2. better describe what it is you actually make ...
IDEA: [...such as cute or funny paperweights for busy office professionals.]

3. define your "uniqueness" in the field of ceramics...
IDEA: [...we bring a little joy into your busy day at the office -- as in the case of the ceramic paperweights and office accessories idea.]


First, think about the goals of your business. [If it's just to have fun and make some extra cash in your spare time, then a cutsie, creative name will do.] If you view this new business in a more serious light, I'd suggest you think about coming up with a name that reflects (#1) your "ideal target customer", (#2) your market niche or area of specialization [something like the office accessories idea] and (#3) your "uniqueness" in the field of ceramics [what makes your ceramics so spectacular or different that I just have to have an original piece by Chelsea??].

Chelsea, try using the answers to these questions to help you brainstorm an ~AWESOME~ name for your business that will help you attract your best customers and grow sales.

*Who is your "Ideal" target customer?

*How will this "ideal customer" find or get to know about your ceramics business?

*Why would they choose to buy your ceramics over your competitors?

*How is your business different or unique from other ceramics companies?

Chelsea, don't be discoouraged. Thinking "BIGGER" picture" from the start will help you start, grow and **SOAR** with your new business.

Best to you!

K. Kelly
National Association of Small Business Professionals - NASBP


by K. Kelly - 1 year ago