Do you believe people selling for AMWAY make money ?

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Yes, but that depends on them hustling to earn their dollars !! They need clients to purchase the products, and then that is how they get paid. No clients?? no money !!!

1 year ago

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some do , some don't . sort of like marriage
and college.
those that work at it succeed .
those that don't fail.


by Rob - 1 year ago

The two answers so far have been correct. I believe that Amway is like other Direct Selling Companies I have come across in that you earn an immediate income as a percentage from the sale of products. Long term income comes from building up a team of distributors from whom you earn commission: but you do not have to do this if you would prefer not to.

You can work cleverly and if you have 2-4 home parties per month get a reasonable income but what many people do not realize is that you have to put the time in, really a minimum of 5 hours per week but more if you can.

Direct Selling is a great way to get back in the job market, learn about running a business, starting a business with limited capital or run your own business around another job.

by Vicky - 1 year ago