I want to start a business?

I'm a 17 junior in highschool, And I decided I want to be an entrepreneur. I want to start a small and simple business as a teen, so I can have something to make me money while I'm in college, and something that I can own. I wanted to get a few ideas a teenager can sell, that most people will buy. I'm willing to make a decent investment of about 2000$ to start. I just want to know the ins and outs of it. Like I know these kids that sell incense and oils around town. They made enough money over the past 5 years to move to Cali, I want to establish something of that caliber

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You have a good idea of being a business minded junior high. I know you will be a successful entrepreneur someday. You can sell things that teens love such as for women, fashion stuffs? Hmmm. Or you can have a food stand. I think you'll have a great profit for that. :) Just go on with your enthusiasm in business. That's a very good attitude!

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