If you were starting a food truck business, what would you want to know?

I am doing a culinary project and would like to know if you were trying to start a mobile food service (food truck) business, what would you want to know or want an expert to help you with? Insurance, inventory, menu design, employee management, any others that you can think of?

Thank in advance

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Why do people always want help with their homework?

Local Laws
Local Permits
Local Health Department Requirements for Food Trucks
What licensed kitchen can you work out of?
POS systems
Truck costs
Locations to Operate

After those things are in order you can worry about:
Food Costs
Employee Costs
Health Insurance
Unemployment Costs
Business Taxes
Kitchen Costs - You will probably be renting a Licensed kitchen to make the food in.

There are far to many more things to list.


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Um, how about some "market intel"? If nobody's buying, or there are cheaper competitors, you're dead.

by bcnu - 1 year ago