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    paypal account and online selling, starting my own little business?

    I have researched and asked people, read and studied some more about figuring out how to do this, but never thought to try and ask people on here their opinions, so here i am! i am trying to get a small...(very small at the moment) home business going. i make funky/fun jewelry and other fun little things..wore it out, and got some really nice responses, so i thought i'd try and sell it. i've got prices at a few places to set up for a weekend, so that is doable, but i also was thinking of maybe getting my own website too. or etsy, but probably not. i currently have 35 good pieces...i'd like to start displaying them on a website of my own. more than likely a free website for the time being. anyways, anyone have experience with paypal? i've used it as a customer, but that's all. what if you only have a savings account? is that all you need? would the purchase money go straight to the savings account? also, in your opinion, is it safe to accept a cashier's check? would you say no to personal checks? not everyone has a credit card, and i'd like to try and offer one other payment method other than paypal. how would you handle that? and does shipping and handling automatically get calculated in? taxes and such? any and all information you have would be so greatly appreciated. thanks so much!
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    Paypal only requires that you have a valid email address and a bank account. When you sell items, you have the option of printing a packing slip for your customer (for free) as well as buying/printing postage for the item. As you sell items and ship them, you will accumulate funds in your Paypal account, which you can ask them to disburse to your savings account in one lump sum or as each purchase is made--or you can use the funds from your Paypal account to make purchases for yourself, which will be deducted from your accumulated amount. Paypal charges a fee to sellers but not to buyers. Their fees are listed at their website. Paypal is probably the SAFEST method for purchasing and/or selling items because the buyer does not have to provide their credit card or bank account information to anyplace other than Paypal. You will calculate your own shipping and handling fees for each item. If you have a business, you may have to charge tax, particularly if the buyer lives in the same state you do. However, if people outside your state buy from you, it is up to them to keep track of their purchases and pay a "Use Tax" (if required) on their state tax forms. I hope this information is helpful!
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    • if u want u can buy a green dot card and that'll be like ur checking account

      by xmacx97 - 5 hours ago

    • eyaaa

      by Chad - 5 hours ago

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