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    Why do some terrible small business have a lot of clients, while some great small business barely have any?

    I pay a lot of attention to locally owned business (I used to own one.) Restaurants for example: some locally owned restaurants are so overpriced, the food is not good, yet they are full of people. While some local restaurants with great food, and low prices are practically empty. Gyms: Some gyms have ugly facilities, bad equipment, bad trainers, yet they are full of people: While some really nice gyms, with new equipment, good trainers, are almost empty. Dry Cleaners: I've never understood why there's a dry cleaner business near my house that has a lot of business, they have the rudest of people working there. Some dry cleaners do a very good job, the people are nice, and yet they barely have stuff to dry clean. I can name many more examples, but I just don't understand, Some small business are rude to their customers, they are not even that good, yet they have a lot of business. While some small business have a great service, yet very few clients. WHY?
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    Honestly there are so many uncontrollable factors to this. Such as the lack of care for their attitude, convenient location for majority, lack of knowledge of the better.businesses, stuborness of people to change, the time of day that u actually view these.businesses may not be their crowded time, etc. Those are just naming some of many many more external factors that can affect the business' success. Any business also relies on luck and some that really deserve it unfortunately don't make it. You can control the quality of your business but that doesnt mean u can control the popularity of it. look at apple selling pretty decently still because the public is uneducated on the quality of the phone. They think its the best out there and people want the best but they don't know some android phones have way better customizability more freedom of apps can be made by developers and better processing or ram.
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    • I'm not sure...have those bad businesses been in business long? Maybe they have a close knit group of people who know the families that run those places? I sure as heck wouldn't go to any of them if their service was bad. so you got me!

      by Stephanie - 4 hours ago

    • Stumped

      by Chad - 4 hours ago

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