Owning your own business ?

I know nothing of degrees and stuff in that category . But if you wanted to own your own business , would you have you get your degree in business or get your degree in whatever type of work that your business will be ( like if you wanted an architecture business , would you study that or business ?)?
And which ever one you'd have to study for , how long would you have to be in school ? (Examples would help me out more) .

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I think I'd go for the business end first. maybe I'm backwards, but I've seriously thought about taking a business course or would help in sooo many ways other than just your own business. I think it would pay for itself in the end. maybe 2-3 years? and iId take some sort of hands on course to strengthen my creativity and broaden my network as far as meeting people with similar interests. Now you got me wanting to go back to school :D!

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It depends on the business you want to start. Architects need a degree because they fall under government requirements for their knowledge and expertise. If you want to study subjects just to operate a small business that doesn't require a full degree, take accounting and marketing.

by G N A - 1 year ago