How do you get people to buy DVDs?

I sell DVDs at my school and I have already sold a lot but I'm looking to increase my sales rates.

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I usually get paid for this kind of advice but I'm here give something back. Do you have contact numbers for all your steady clients or emails. If you don't, start a mailing list, let people know what's available. Also you want encourage your current clients to refer you to other people that want to buy in exchange of a free dvd of their choice. Build a network. I can give you at least 8 other tactics you can use. If you found this useful leave a reply on the blog below.


1 year ago

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Offer them a free download of the content as soon as they've bought one and licence them in such a way that they can freely copy and share them. Then, if your content is good, it will be its own advert.

by grayure - 1 year ago

Make the cover a decent quality print, with colour and able to read the info about the DVD.

by Karen - 1 year ago