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    The best dropshippers?

    I need help with finding a drop-shipper. I have a eBay and PayPal account the next step is finding a drop-shipper. I'm looking for one that sells name brand products. I don't mind paying fee or monthly. If you want to leave some tips or loops or better ways feel free I'll take any advice
    2 years ago 2 Answers

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    Honest reliable drop shipper is an oxymoron. You will not be buying at wholesale, but close to retail and make no money.
    a few seconds ago

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    • If you have to ask a bunch of strangers (mostly kids) for a business plan, you are NOT ready to sell on eBay. If you think an eBay seller is going to reveal his/her inventory source to a stranger who's too lazy to do his own research, you are NOT ready to start any kind of business. If you want to get smart, stop begging for hints and read books.

      by G - a day ago

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