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    Business age problems?

    Hello...I'm Mark. Me and my brother opened a business when I was 14...my brother left to another country and I sold of the stock of the business because I was schooling. I made 24 000 profit some thing my brother was unable to do. Now that I'm older I went back into the sales business...But am unable to make a profite now that I'm much older... so I want to know is what is the deal with that! I'm buying better products to sell now but can't seem to sell... Why was it so easy back then but not now...its realy quite hopless I feel I should have quite schooling then because the schooling education has acctualy hurt my profites...hope u can help Dave out!
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    Hi there. I'm Sam. I found your question to be a good and interesting one. Your lack of profits/sales has nothing to do with your age. It's all about advertising/marketing and how you do it. What's different now from when you were 14 is that the times have changed and along with it technology and the way we small business people have to advertise, market and DO business. Do you have a website? Is the website optimized for search engines to find it? Maybe your product or service needs to be updated and/or adapted to fit the present day and age. Things change fast over the years and a result so businesses have to do. I wish you luck on your business. Have a great day.
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