Need to make $100? I'm 13 and have 4 days to make $$$?

I have 4 days and i can't baby sit or garage sale or bake sale i am looking for things to sell at school mainly valentine stuff or anything i don't have paracord to make the braclets those r popular please give a LOT of things and maybe 10 suggestions hopefully more thx!! 10 pts to best answer so try hard

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Okay. I did t feel like reading what you typed so uh yeah.
-do extra chores.
-if your crafty, make brackets and sell them.
-just ask your parents how to make some extra cash. Maybe they will give you a chore or something.
-walk a dog. Or a neighbors dog.
-you could beg on the side of the road! Lol jk!!!!!
-uhmm… if you really want to do something for valentines make really fancy, pretty cards and sell them.
Sorry this probably won't help :(

1 year ago