How would I go about starting an online business?

I have started a facebook fashion page that has recently hit 40k likes in 6 months (very proud of that). I've had a few small businesses contact me about possibly promoting their page on my fb so they can get more likes & they've offered to pay me. I never though about that but it's a very good idea & a quick way to make some extra money. But I don't wanna do anything illegal so I was wondering how I would go about doing it legal before I accept any money and get in trouble, in terms of taxes etc.

BTW I'm only 22 so I don't know anything about the business world. Perhaps I should takes some business classes at a local community college?
@KCD Ohh I am I'm in school I just finished undergraduate in May. But this is just something to do on the side in my spare time & I am serious about it. A little extra cash wouldn't hurt ya know?

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Nevermind the vultures above.

The ideal thing would be to register for a business license (probably a sole proprietorship) and get a tax number for your business. That's the tax part.

I'm not sure if you would violating facebooks ToS (terms of service), so you'll have to check if you're concerned. I wouldn't see a problem with it as long as it was never done directly through facebook (except the actual promotion).

Business classes probably wouldn't hurt, but it depends on if you're serious about going into business. Otherwise I'd figure out what you want to do in life and study away.

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