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    How to make a start owning a video game store?

    I've grown up my entire life loving video games. Needless to say I'm a fan-boy, as most (if not all) game store owners are, and I've had my heart set on owning my own video game store since I was in elementary. Now I'm close to graduation and I have tons of questions about it. Before I ask my questions I would like to state that, yes, I would sell used games, yes, I would do repairs, and yes, I would likely go into making online sales apart of my store. 1. What kind of college classes (if any) would I need to take? I've been looking into some two-year business management and entrepreneurial classes at a couple local colleges and I don't know whether or not they're worth my time and money. I've devoted countless hours in grade school (I'm one of those 'all A folks') and I'm just not sure about it. 2. What is the average medium (per month/year) that a video game store owner makes? I know it's not going to be a super high amount, but I need to know for the sake of choosing a lot and choosing a home/apartment. 3. (This is one I've been wondering A LOT for some reason) Where can I find display cases for storing the games/merchandise? I've been skeptical as to whether or not I actually need display cases, seeing as how most stores just have open displays/bins/shelves to hold their games. For whatever reason that just seems a bit barbaric for me. As said before, I know it's not going to be a great income so I likely won't have enough money to actually have display cases but it seems like a practical thing. 4. Arcade cabinets? I've had this idea for a while now. Seeing as how just selling video games may not be enough, I've thought of taking in the concept of buying crap machines, fixing them up then re-selling them, either online or in store. Seeing as how most cabinets can reach up close to five thousand a pop, it seems like a practical thing. I guess for number four I'm just looking for opinions on the subject. 5. Is online selling a good idea? (For this one I'm already pretty sure on the answer. Again, just looking for thoughts) I've been doing this thing on eBay where I buy a lot of games, then re-sell each game for its appropriate price. I've made some decent money (for a High-Schooler) in doing this. If I were to buy a $20 lot with ten games, then find out each game is worth 10-15 dollars a piece, I've made about $100. However, with the costs of shipping and selling online on the rise, I'd need the consent of someone who's experienced this job field. There you have it, the questions of a young video-game nerd. I'd love to know the answers to these as soon as possible so I can follow suit with them. I'll continue to do my online research, but Yahoo Answers seemed like the best route to go. Thanks to any and all who answer, your help is greatly appreciated :)
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    The market for selling online is monopolized by GameFly. If you still want to start your business: -Prepare for long, very long hours at work. - Low pay, if you're barely starting out, your median salary would be $20-30,000. - You're gonna need a LOT of capital, 2-3 years in advance... of course this goes in your business plan. Marketing, advertising, sales, etc. will take most of your capital. - Be innovative, ever thought of adding an arcade? Be creative. - Hire a good lawyer, he'll take you hand by hand on EVERYTHING you'll need. My advice: Study Business Administration with a bit of Accounting and WORK in a video game store so you can get a glimpse of how everything works..preferably 1-3 years. For everything else, search the Internet for prices.
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