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    I am 15 years old and i want to start a business ? Why can i think of any ideas ?

    Okay , s when i am older probably 23 so i can get my college degree in Business and Law, i want to start my own business. But every time i seem to think about what it will be my mind goes blank and i do not understand why. I mean i try to think of any idea and then i end up with nothing. Please help me! Where do i start in Business ? How do i come up with any idea it seems impossible. All answers greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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    it is hard for a 15 yr old to act like someone a decade older CAUSE you have not had the experiences with successes and failures. u don't want bookmaking; it is illegal. bookbinding, that is ok go to the library and start studying small biz operations and finance read all the books NOW required for your BA in biz! [find unmet needs write a biz plan]
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    • You are the one to decide this. A business must be something that YOU really believe in for it to succeed. And a feasible business plan, of course. Having college is a good idea. The question is whether you can get this financed. So that is your next problem.

      by mildred f - 5 hours ago

    • What do you wish you could buy, that you can't? what software would you like, that doesn't exist. What problem in your life needs a solutions. Businesses can be started from those tiny ideas.

      by nickipettis - 5 hours ago

    • You've hit rock bottom when you ask a Yahoo forum, but we have been waiting for you, your a 15 year old trapped in a 23 year old body, you have gamed for tens of thousands of hours, you have followed and relied on that mainstream society was going to be your savior, your mind goes blank because you never were really motivated and never had a true mentor as the neighbor next door in business was always busy and he was a weird type of obese guy, your going around pretending to fit in with your buds and society but have that empty feeling that can only be hidden for x amount of time. Maybe your mind goes blank because business isn't you, you need a mentor and to find one is going to be hard, this mentor must be a living and breathing person, not a cyber entity, your journey begins know, it's going to suck and is going to be great, it's best you not get involved into the opposite sex until you figure this battle out. good luck.

      by yo - 5 hours ago

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