How to contact with USA based sewing contractors?

Im working for a sewing company from Eastern Europe with varieties of textile products (mostly shirts). Now Im trying to contact with USA based sewing contract companies with who I can make contact or at least present our work and maybe possible contracts. So what or where is the best place to look for companies like this that can contact with them?

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The National Association of Manufacturers has a buyer's guide; Thomas Net has a register of suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers. Another database you might find useful is


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Shirts sold in the USA are either in department stores or speciality shops. In all cases, they are either from a known fashion designer or a label name. To crack into the USA, you will need to get one of the labels or fashion designers to use your product. If you can produce in very high volume (thousands) then try contacting, Walmart, JC Penny or Target. If your output will be lower, then start talking to fashion designers and try to supply them.

by St N - 1 year ago