How do you apply to become a Janitor or Maid for a cleaning services company?

I am interested in becoming a Janitor, Custodian or Maid. I answer classified advertisements mostly when applying for these positions, but what I really would like to do is apply in person to companies directly but I don't know of any. I applied to Merry Maids recently and I am interested in local work, but how do I apply for this type of work since Im having a tough time trying to apply to this new type of work since I use to work in retail?

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Do a google search for cleaning companies in your area. Ask them if they are hiring.

1 year ago

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Try your local workforce, schools,hotels,motels, grocery stores,businesses,factories,colleges etc.The internet is a good source and probably your best choice as most places just tell you to go to their website and fill out a app.Good Luck!


by Shane - 1 year ago