i need some idea for a bake sale i'm doing for my club?

any thing

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As in what to bake? Brownies and chocolate chip cookies are always a staple to bake sales. Try something that is simple but unexpected. If anyone has the tools already, popular treats would be a good idea. Things such as mini doughnuts, cake pops, and mini cupcakes. If you don't it's not a good investment. The machines and pans can be pricey at $10-20 each.

1 year ago

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all time favourite brownies.cupcakes are good too........

by Sana Waqar - 1 year ago

Our group sells pies. We can sell 66 pies at $10 each in one hour. We set up next to the post office but on Private Property. We give the property owner a free pie when we ask for permission.

by Ariaread - 1 year ago