me and my friends have a club and were only about 9-12 and we need to make money for supplies and donations?

please no silly or stupid awners
I also dont live in a neighbor hood
I also dont live in a neighbor hood
thank u every body for your awnsers

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Start an errand and odd job service for the elderly people in your neighborhood. Print up flyers on your PC with a program like Microsoft Publisher and hand them out to your neighbors.

1 year ago

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Fundraise and ask people you know for donations.

by Corals mommy - 1 year ago

Do you like to bake? Or do crafts? And are good at it? You could make a lemonade stand, or go to a local library and ask if you could sell stuff there, like a bake sale. Bake sales are good fundraisers!

by Smiley - 1 year ago

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