good business ideas???????

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1.You can own a frenchisee say Macdonalds
2.Start your Own call centre BPO
3.Any local bussines buying & selling
4.service bussines-HR counsaltancy-event mgt-wedding planning
4.graphic desighning-SEO service
5.Cyber cafe
6.Restaurant bussiness & Travels bussiness
8.Insurance agency Bussiness
9.Network Marketing bussiness
10.Persnality developement & public speaking

1 year ago

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I have found that affiliate marketing is very famous in UK. So as that mostly UK or UAE investors are trying to investment in this business. Due to shortage of time online shopping is very popular in UK. I am also doing online shopping because it is very reliable and easy to order and time saving tool.

by Sara - 1 year ago

1. English classes for the first guy that answered your question
2. A$$ plug manufacturer
3. Nymphomaniac therapist
4. Chimney sweeper
5. Male gigolo

by BigCheapSk8 - 1 year ago