How do i cancel an ebay purchase that I haven't paid for?

okay i was buying this item i put it in my cart and bought it but without realizing i said i wanted 2 i guess but i don't sooo help i bought the first one but i dont want to buy the second one i havent paid for the second one soo how do i remove it from the pay later and plz make it simple i was using my dads ebay account and i dont want to get in trouble so help plz

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You should send the seller a message - you will find "ask a question" at the bottom of the listing or in your purchase history - contact seller.

1 year ago

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Contact the seller and explain the mistake ask to cancel the transaction.

by caryter - 1 year ago

You are the perfect example of why children are not allowed on eBay or Paypal. You treat eBay like a game. You rip off sellers when you buy things and refuse to pay for them. You do know eBay charged that seller a fee the second you clicked "COMMIT TO BUY"?

What part of COMMIT don't you understand?

The seller has already lost money because of you. S/he has no reason to reward you for breaking eBay's rules. You can either pay for the item or your DAD will get an unpaid item strike. Just two of those and every seller can block your DAD from buying items from them for a year!

by G - 1 year ago