When you sell something on ebay how do you receive the money?

Like if you sell something, I know it goes through paypal, but how do you receive the money?

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If you got your bank account linked to your paypal you transfer the available funds to your bank it takes about 3 business days or if you are paypal user for awhile you can ask for the paypal debit card and use it at any atm to get your money or to pay for your items in regular stores look for the link in your pay pal page good luck to you.

1 year ago

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From paypal you withdraw it to your bank, both are connected (your paypal account and your bank account).

Also when I withdraw from paypal it goes in my bank within an hour, it is very fast now ;)

by Martin - 1 year ago

do a bank transfer from paypal. but you will not get it for 1-2 days

by dourdan - 1 year ago