How to get funds on paypal from sold item?

"While you establish a successful sales history on eBay, in most cases, funds from eBay sales are available in 21 days - or sooner, based on how you ship the order. To help get your funds faster, print your shipping labels on eBay or PayPal, upload your tracking information, or mark the items as shipped on eBay. If your buyer reports a problem, it may take longer to get your funds."

So when do I get the pending funds? After the buyer gets the item?

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When I first started, it would about 10 days after I shipped the item (with ebay label and tracking) if the buyer left feedback sooner, I would get the funds sooner. That being said you don't want to harass your buyers for feedback. Try to be patient, this waiting period only lasts a short time and once your have a good track record funds are available immediately. Another great way to get your funds more readily available after they release your funds is get the PayPal debit card, this way you will not have to request and wait for funds to be transferred into your checking account electronically. The fee to get cash from an ATM using your PP debit card is usually $3.
Hang in there!


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