Can anyone give pointers or opinions on this business plan?

Move to Colorado where marijuana is legal. Rent and start off with 15 or so plants. Get a medical license and grow as a caregiver for patients. Each plant should produce $1000. After which, move to a rural section(with profit), build a small house and a Pole barn for 99 plants (if I can make sure it's perfectly legal). I know after 100 plants it becomes federal so 99 is the max as long as I have the required amount of caregiver patients. You should be able to harvest every 3 months so you can see how lucrative this can be, ie 99,000 x 4 a year. Note: if any of this is deemed illegal than it will never be attempted to come to fruition. This is all just speculation.

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You wont get a license sorry.
Med school and doctors only

1 year ago

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go to school then ask in about 8 years

by leg - 1 year ago