Can a store publicly false inform you knowingly to scam you?

ok well today i was shopping for guitars and i was in a hurry when i got to this store where it had a sign that the retail price for that certain guitar is over 300 i bleive and they were selling it for 85. i didnt have time to look at the guitar so but it looked like a decent guitar from far away so i asked to just purchase it and assumed that the sign was truthful. when i get home i play the guitar and it was terrrrible!!!! I'm outraged because i looked up the same guitar from the retailer and it was only $35!!!
I dont have the reciept but i am going to confront the manager from the store tomorrow because he knew he scammed me, i just want to know if a store can legally do that. What i mean by that is to false inform a customer KNOWINGLY, im just outraged that they would do this to a customer, Can i report this situation to the Bureau of Better Businesses? I know that i made a mistake by rushing and not looking at the guitar carefully ok so dont tell me im to blame, i had trust in the store and they fucked me over ok. I just want to kow if they can do that to their customers. thank you.

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So, you didn't test the guitar, and didn't read the sign properly (or clarify with the staff), and you're surprised you bought crap?

A $300 guitar for any less than $100 (and I'm being generous), should set alarm bells ringing. Ever heard the saying "If it's too good to be true, it probably is"?

By all means, go back to the store, but don't be surprised if you get told where to get off.

(No, stores aren't allowed to falsely advertise).

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