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    Selling things in my front yard?

    Ok so I've been applying for jobs everywhere in my town and out of town and cannot find a place to work, however I make jewelry and sew and want to get into selling Avon. I want to sell in my front yard I live in a trailer park any suggestions
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    As far as Avon, we have many reps on our team that have Avon yard signs in their front lawn and around their town. As a matter of fact the majority of the signs purchased on our team are purchased through Vistaprint, it's an awesome company which offers many professional items for your business online. Plus many of those items are free and all you'd have to pay is shipping, If you still would like to get into Avon, I'd be more than happy to help. My husband and I work Avon full time with our national team of over 300 representatives, so we would love to get you going as we'll. Contact me if you have any further questions or check my profile for the sign up info
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    • SKIP avon you may have a yard sale you may not run a biz from your front lawn

      by kemperk - 10 hours ago

    • Try selling on Ebay! It's great.

      by Poeta - 10 hours ago

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