Any better programs for business cards than Avery?

I bought their paper, and it provided a link to download their program so that it lines up to their paper.

However, I find it too restrictive. Although it "works" through ms Word, it doesn't let me use any of the templates Word has to offer. To top it off, it doesn't even let me create my own templates that I can reuse.

Are there any better programs (that will recognize the paper (Avery 8859) that I've bought)?

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Microsoft Publisher

1 year ago

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try office org


by David Bare - 1 year ago

Business cards are dirt cheap. Don't waste your time -

by John D - 1 year ago

Yes , go for
You can even add your won picture on the card, at no extra charge. They usually give free $250 cards. You just need to pay for shipping.

by Rose - 1 year ago