Can an ordinary citizen run a background criminal check on an employee?

I have 36 employees in four shops in three states; Texas, Tennessee, and Oklahoma. I hired a man in my Oklahoma shop and he is very good at his work. The problem is that information came my way that he may not be all he claims to be. I do not want to lose this man. However, due to the nature of my business, I cannot have employees with questionable backgrounds.

I see ads for background checks and tried two of them and they turned out to be questionable on their own. What would be a good reliable way to run a criminal check on this man without him knowing about it. If he turns out with a clean record, I need to promote him to a more sensitive position. Anyone have a suggestion? Thanks.

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ask the cops

1 year ago

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I am starting a new job and the company requires a background check and drug test on all employees, plus random tests of their choosing. Companies are much more careful these days with so much fraud going on. I would think you would have to make an official policy that you are going to do background checks, but am not sure. ADP does background checks for companies.

by kps - 1 year ago

use a reputable background check company. A company I've used is Before you can get an account, they will verify that you are an actual employer and have an actual business (they will come to your place of business to verify everything). Once they have verified you are legitimate, they'll set up an account and you can then run background checks via their website.


by jmorge - 1 year ago

Actually David gave you the best idea, contact your local police department and ask how you (as an employer) can get a criminal background check on an employee in another state. They do them for most businesses, in your area it may cost you no more than time. This way, the information is kept confidential and your employee is none the wiser.

by G N A - 1 year ago