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    Advertising for My Home Daycare.?

    Hello, I am currently trying to open a home daycare, to gain experience for when I finish school to become a teacher. I don't know many people since I moved to Houston, so I want to know what is a good way to advertise to get parents to enroll their children in my daycare. The only experience I have currently is caring for my own children and helping them with their homework, but I really want to be a good teacher so I really want to gain the experience so I don't crash and burn during my first year teaching. If there are any mothers answering, what would you like to see in or hear about a daycare your child would be attending? Thanks for the feedback.
    a year ago 2 Answers

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    I'm not a Mother but I can help you with your challenge. Write a business plan for your daycare. Part of your business plan should include a marketing strategy. Once you figure out this strategy you should have a better idea of how to differentiate your business. (google sample business plan for daycare if you need help) You should offer services or activities that parents want - Like organized play, healthy snacks, safe environment, etc. Structure each day with a purpose. Also, it appears you are trying to do some research on here and figure out what parents want/like about daycare. You are asking to much at once. Ask the following questions 'separately' and don't list it under business (should be listed under family): What are the top 5 things you love about your child's daycare? Help! How did you find a decent daycare for your child? What sort of activities doe your daycare offer? What do you hate about your child's daycare? Remember: Ask each question separately and don't be afraid to ask the same question a few times.
    2 years ago

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    • Hi, I hope you are having luck with the daycare you have probably started by now! There are a lot of ways to advertise online that would help bring you exposure. First post consistently on Craigslist.org - this is well known as a place to find child care programs. Next, register your business with Google Places and Bing Places. This will allow you to show up on Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines on page 1 for local/daycare keywords. You can also start blogging and posting regularly on social media like Facebook or Google+. This will increase your search ranking on search engines. Finally I would recommend getting started with Yelp and collecting some reviews. You probably have had a client or two by now who would be willing to write you one. Parents will often go straight to Yelp to compare local providers. Best of luck! Bryon

      by Bryon - 12 hours ago

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