Advertising for My Home Daycare.?

Hello, I am currently trying to open a home daycare, to gain experience for when I finish school to become a teacher. I don't know many people since I moved to Houston, so I want to know what is a good way to advertise to get parents to enroll their children in my daycare. The only experience I have currently is caring for my own children and helping them with their homework, but I really want to be a good teacher so I really want to gain the experience so I don't crash and burn during my first year teaching. If there are any mothers answering, what would you like to see in or hear about a daycare your child would be attending? Thanks for the feedback.

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I'm not a Mother but I can help you with your challenge.

Write a business plan for your daycare. Part of your business plan should include a marketing strategy. Once you figure out this strategy you should have a better idea of how to differentiate your business. (google sample business plan for daycare if you need help)

You should offer services or activities that parents want - Like organized play, healthy snacks, safe environment, etc. Structure each day with a purpose.

Also, it appears you are trying to do some research on here and figure out what parents want/like about daycare. You are asking to much at once. Ask the following questions 'separately' and don't list it under business (should be listed under family):

What are the top 5 things you love about your child's daycare?
Help! How did you find a decent daycare for your child?
What sort of activities doe your daycare offer?
What do you hate about your child's daycare?

Remember: Ask each question separately and don't be afraid to ask the same question a few times.

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