Hi, I'm 15... And I want to start making my own money!?

I want to make my own money, one, it will make me feel better about myself, second, it will help me out... And finally, my parents urge me to get a job. What are some ideas? Tutoring? Hired jobs; Mcdonalds, Target, ect. Any ideas for my age?

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Get an apprenticeship in something that you love doing, you get paid and are offered a job afterwards in most cases, i'm doing one with British Airways ;)

1 year ago

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Movie theatre or restaurant.

by Carl - 1 year ago

First, get yourself a really good full color copy machine...and lots of paper.

by righteousjohnson - 1 year ago

Most states you can't work under 16 for child labor reasons, unless a parent or relative has some kind of business, like a restaurant. You're going to have to wait until 16 at least.

by Ann - 1 year ago

Try the local park district.

by Jessica - 1 year ago