How can i make money legally?

I'm currently unemployed and I am not eligible for unemployment (idk why but I tried and I was denied). I've tried selling bracelets, selling instrumentals (I'm a producer) and I've looked everywhere in my house to find gold or find things to sell on eBay. I don't know what else to do. While job hunting, how can I make some money, legally of course. I'm about to go CRAZY!
@Go With The Flow Yep. I've done all that. No tattoos, no piercings, my hair is my natural born color, I have a resume & I deleted my Facebook earlier this week. My job search is BAD.

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You should post an ad on Craigslist to clean houses, dog walking, pet sitting, babysitting, etc...Those kind of things will bring you in money until you find a job on the books. Also, call Unemployment and find out the exact reasoning as to why you do not qualify. It may be something that you just have to take care of, or something small like information you have to give to them to get the Unemployment. Good luck and don't give up!

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by richard - 1 year ago

Girl - McDonalds is hiring.
Get a job.
Anything online is just going to scam you to death.
I saw your other question. You are having serious issues finding a job.
Take out any piercings. Cover any tatts.
Hair one color. No paint on nails.
Get a resume together.
Delete anything you have in facebook. Employers hate facebook people.

by Go with the flow - 1 year ago

well I believe you have answered your own question.
you cant find a job,
you cant get benefits,
you have raided and emptied you house.

what does that leave you pal.


well not legally anyways. go on be brave, go steal a kilo of drug;s of a drug dealer, ul get loads of money for that

by Scott - 1 year ago

("How can i make money legally?")

If all else fails! See if you can get on welfare and/or talk to someone at your local rehab about training in a new field of employment. Go back to school, perhaps. If things get to the point that you may find yourself out in the street, apply with social security for SSD disability assistance.

Good luck to you

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by Bob D1 - 1 year ago