In what time should I ask for a refund ? (buying from china)?

Its been more then 2 months and my package hasnt arrived yet. Its something cheap but anyway I would like to get my money back or have them shipped me one more time same item of course for their expenses.
I contacted the seller asking what to do he said me to wait because of the snowy weather there can be delay at this time. He keeps saying to wait more!!! But its been 2 months already ?? How long more should I wait ? Usually I get my items arrived within 1 month. I got the tracking number and the last update was on the 23th november when the item left for its destination. The seller had nice feedback.

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From China, you need to wait three months. You know the seller did not even have the item when you ordered it. Their order of your item once they had your money may have been delayed. You also need to go to the website and read the refund policy. Most only offer store credit and the ones that refund cash, may only refund half and they will claim that can take 6 MONTHS. There is always a risk ordering from China from no refunds to never seeing the items. There is not a darn thing you can do about it.

1 year ago