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    Being proud of my struggling small business?

    How can I be proud of my business when it is struggling?
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    Just the fact that you have a business that you own should make you happy,running a business is hard work,1st you have to win customers and assure them you there for them and for you also..For their needs and go thru the loss for a few months before you get the hang on your business... After the struggle of settling on your business you start with the taxes and all that. But at the end your struggling business will start to be steady and you ll see your mistakes that in actual fact was the cause of your business struggling and by then you ve learned from your mistakes and your business will blossom,now you ll be more proud of your not struggling but growing business.. so be very proud,that way you will learn where you go wrong for you to struggle.
    a few seconds ago

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    • My uncle (who had big business in 1990's) said me that it takes at least 3 years to be happy if you start a business. First year being most critical, you always carve to leave it. Second year is struggling and third year is mostly with taxes, calculations, non-supportive people in and around. Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task. Only fact that keeps you happy is that you are trying something different than others. There will be burdens. Look for alternatives. Look for positive thoughts somewhere around. But its only you who can be proud of what you are doing. Maximum loss you can bear is being bankrupt. Live with it :)

      by PC - a day ago

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