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    could i get in trouble for saying f*** you to some one in a store?

    a few seconds ago 8 Answers

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    na, u good
    a few seconds ago

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    • could be considered harassment also could be considered cyber bullying if done online as well so if that is the online standard then the same thing could theoretically be held to the same standard in real life in court based on president

      by Garrett - a day ago

    • "We have the right to refuse service to anyone" is a common shop sign you will see. Sometimes the wording changes, but that's the basic meaning. Probably won't get in trouble unless there's a law that explicitly states that it's illegal to curse in public; I believe at least one state in the US has such a law. I wouldn't say it anyway.

      by ? - a day ago

    • It is called verbal harassment, and they can have security throw you out of the store, or go to the extreme and have the cops called and a complaint filed against you. If you kept doing it, then it is a public disturbance with more serious consequences. Yes, you can get in trouble.

      by Yoda says - a day ago

    • If you say it in a threatening way. The freedom of speech in the United States is limited to where you cannot threaten people or cause public panic and harm.

      by Joe - a day ago

    • No, but I would hope that you would have more respect for yourself than to behave that way

      by Lady-Warrior - a day ago

    • If you're the customer, you can say what you like but it may not get you anywhere except a "polite" push towards the door! If you're the sales person speaking to a customer, even if the customer has horns growing out of his head and is foaming at the mouth, it's still "may I help you sir (or ma'am)". Otherwise your boss may decide that you have poor communication skills and your customer service focus is completely lacking and caution you! If the customer complains to the manager about your attitude and foul language, you could be dismissed on the spot So, its "yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir" if you want to keep your job!

      by bron357 - a day ago

    • If you did get in trouble, it'd be with the person/people you said it to. Employees can't do anything about it..except ask you to leave. Very few people would tell on you to an employee, though. Chances are, the employee wouldn't do anything about it anyway.

      by EyeGrow - a day ago

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