Is TYPE AT HOME.COM a scam or legit?

I found this home typist job on line, and it has the look of being real. But for membership to it, it's asking for $29.00. Is this right, or should I keep looking?

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Unless you have very specific skills, such as graphic design, web design, computer programming or sell on eBay, Amazon or Etsy, there is no real internet work at home jobs. Online jobs are just another urban myth. You will be offered all kinds of work at home scams such as data conversion, envelope stuffing,typing, data entry, captcha entry, document coding, home assembly, medical transcription, reading emails, surveys, MLM, etc. What they want is either an upfront fee or your email address so they can spam you and/or steal your identity

1 year ago

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Anything you have to pay to play is a great business deal - for them. Avoid.

by ? - 1 year ago

Upfront Fee = SCAM

There are no legit at home typing/data entry jobs.

by Wayne Z - 1 year ago